Web Development

Why choose Us.

As we are the full-service provider of a web development company in Chandigarh with a quality product we think our company Rohar Technologies must be chosen for every kind of Website Development.

Our Mission.

Being professional in our skills of Web Development our mission is to provide you quality, Cost-effective, competitive, and market grabbing website.

What we Do.

Under the task of Web Development, we go through all the 6 phases of building a website such as, Requirement Gathering, Planning, Designing, Developing, Testing, and Maintenance.



Custom Website Development

We are the best custom website development company in Chandigarh, India well known for our quality building custom websites that helps our clients to build their business online.

We strive to build a well-customized, responsive website that as a result provides the output of a truly unique, reliable, and user-friendly custom-built website. For building a custom website we use programming languages such as Python and Java

Building a custom website includes both frontend web developer and backend web developer, And our web development agency deals with both. In the front-end, we interact with the designing part of the website In the back-end, we deal with the complex codes that are never seen and used for building functionalities under the website.

WordPress/ CMS Based Development

A Content Management System is a program used to develop, maintain, edit, replace new web pages, or alter the existing website content. WordPress is one of the technologies for developing CMS-based websites

We are a professional WordPress development company in Chandigarh, who helps you build a small or medium website for making your business online with an effective and user-friendly solution.

Nowadays, WordPress Websites are highly in use because CMS solutions are performance-based, secure, and flexible, helping customers save time and costs. In WordPress Website, we offer services of the building Landing page, e-commerce, corporate website, and along with this, we do customization, payment and form integration, and website redesign.

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